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Getting “receive credit, advanced placement or both from your college — nearly all colleges and universities in the United States — as well as many institutions in more than 60 other countries — grant credit and placement for AP scores or acknowledge AP scores in the admission process. The average scores are between 2.5 and 3. Source: Collegeboard.com

Getting students to aim for 4 and above will insure students and improve prospects for credit and advance placements. This course is a combination of online assessments and learning content, and face to face/webinar workshops

These assessments and workshops will sharpen abilities to write perfect or near perfect answers. At the least, it will help students identify their weaknesses for targeted learning which will be most effective way to prepare considering the May exam dates. Students would need 3 to 4 weeks to prepare. This exam preparation can be conducted over a space of 3 weeks.

This is course for A Level, Advance Placement and College/University level courses. Read through course details and requirements before your enrol.